Changing Seasons

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Lao Tzu

I love fall, crisp mornings, changing foliage, and sweater weather. When I landed in Durham, NC, I could hardly wait to get to my daughter's dorm to see her smiling face. She greeted me with a warm, welcoming hug, and all the stress of missing her melted away. I brought her up to speed on my 52 week journey while I made her Santa Fe Chili. The fall season is off to a great start. Because this week was all about catching up, we shopped, cooked, dined out, and just had great time along with my best friend and her family. In keeping with my commitment, I shot a few photos, and every evening I watched at least one tutorial video on Kelby Training. I started with the Accessories Basic series. Although I knew most of the info, it was good to refresh and think about the gear I already have and what I would like to purchase. I highly recommend watching "Professional Photography on a Budget: The 5k Challenge" with Zack Arias will set you on the right path.  It will really help you come to terms with what gear you already have and re-enforce that getting out to shoot is still the best way to grow and take better photos. If you don’t want to join Kelby Training, remember you can also rent their videos.

With each changing season comes great opportunity to live in the moment and find the joy in the change. Again, going back to the basics of all aspects of photography is not only a good idea from a continuing education standpoint, but it will really boost your confidence. You will realize that you know more than you think. As I sat there and watched my baby girl walk out of her dorm, it finally hit me she is a young woman who has begun her own journey. I wasn’t really fired from my job as her mother, even if it feels that way sometimes. Transitioning from full-time mom to full-time photographer isn’t so bad. It is just the season...