Why I love Zack Arias

Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

I was first introduced to Zack Arias’ work through Kelby Training. His video, “The 5k Challenge,” will reignite your passion for shooting. No matter what gear you have or where you are on your journey as a photographer, you to will be Zack Arias’ groupie, too. Here’s an excerpt:

Please do not think that i’m speaking from the mountain top of the photography industry like i’m some Grand Poobah of light or something. If there is a mountain top, then I just recently made it to base camp. After 16 years of pursuing photography, I feel I am just now getting ready to begin climbing. As I answer these questions, I’m doing so from the perspective of dealing with current issues in my own life, or I’m speaking to myself in the past. I’m saying things I wish I would have known “back then.

 - Zack Arias; Photography Q&A Real Questions. Real answers.

This passage pretty much sums up why I love Zack Arias and why I think every photographer should read his book. I promise it is full of questions you want answered -- everything from exposure drills to great photographers you should know to the dreaded “gear lust.” Once I started reading his book, I couldn’t put it down. Even better is that Zack is hilarious.

This week I decided to actually start reading some of these photography books I buy. You know, the ones we all buy thinking simply owning them will make us better photographers. I am so glad that I started with Zack’s book. It’s so easy to compare ourselves with others and allow self-doubt to take over, sabotaging our journey before we even begin. My takeaway from Zack’s book: embrace what you have and where you are, and take a leap of faith. It was an inspirational read to get out of a rut, or as Zack would say, “get off your ass” and just shoot! 

Source: http://www.peachpit.com