Puppies and Unconditional Love

From the beginning, the camera and I were great friends. It loves me and I love it.

~Whitney Houston


Okay, I am over this empty nest. I miss my baby girl so much. I knew this would be hard, a change, a new beginning. I just didn’t realize how quiet the house would be and how much I would miss our movie weekends on my bed. We talk, text, or FaceTime every day, but it still isn’t the same. For eighteen years my main focus has been taking care of my daughter. Our focus as a family was to prepare her for the world. I am proud to say that my hubby and I did a great job. Our daughter is compassionate, kind, loving and focused on her dreams. Its not her I worry about, it’s the rest of the world. Letting go is hard.

This week’s personal project was photographing my puppies. I realized if I am going to practice photography everyday then somedays I will have to work with what is ready available. Although I rescued both of my dogs, they really rescue me everyday with their unconditional love.