Counting and Sharing Our Blessings

Character, like a photograph, develops in the darkness.

~ Yousuf Karsh


I caught up with two of my favorite photographers and dear friends, Heike and Tammy, this week at the Krop for Kids Charity event. It was good for my soul to have girl time and talk photos all day. In preparation for the event, I decided to make my lesson plan/goals for the next 50 weeks. Its the teacher in me I can't help it. I watched Matt Klowski’s LR5 series on Kelby training and committed to watching at least one tutorial a day. I broke out the Intuos 5 my hubby bought me for my birthday. It is definitely strange using the tablet; I think I will have to dedicate a week to really working though how I need to set it up to best use in my workflow.

Making a decision to start is half of the battle. Even if you have been shooting for years, going back to the basics of your camera is a good start. Making a plan is empowering. Whatever your passion in life when you give back you always receive way more than you give.