Back-Up Plan

Be infinitely flexible and constantly amazed.

Jason Kravitz

The benefit of making a plan is that you have a plan. The downside is sometimes plans have to change. I was really looking forward to taking the MK Lightroom 5 seminar in Ft. Lauderdale. I did my very first Kelby Live Tour with Matt way back with LR 3. I learned so much that day that Matt became my go-to instructor and inspiration for everything Lightroom. After working in Lightroom 5 since its release, I figured the refresher and instruction about new features would be good for me. 

As a bonus, my hubby and I were going to drive down to take advantage of shooting along the way. One of the best thing about being retired empty nesters is we can hit the road often. I was all packed and ready to head to South Florida, but when I picked up our puppy, Luna, to get her ready to board, all plans changed. We went off to the vet, and it turns out that Luna is just about 5 months and in premature heat! 

A delay is not a stop sign. As we could no longer board Luna, by the time we finally made it home, we decided to just change plans and cancel going to the seminar. I compromised by logging on to Kelby Training and watching Matt’s LR5 series again. Keep moving forward...

Plans will change, and that’s okay. Having a back-up plan or being open to plans changing can help keep you inspired and focused. A change of plans is no reason to give up.