Celebrating Life


To live my life where nothing is left unsaid...and my photographs tell my story long after I am gone. 

~ Me


When we lose those we love, the grief can be all-consuming. Personally, I eventually come to a place where I am able to focus on the life of the person and how having them in my life was a blessing, even if only for a while. 

Nothing makes me realize this more than the thousands of photographs I have taken through the years. My daughter hated me always having my camera. She even dubbed me “Ms. Kodak,” and not in an endearing way! But during our grieving process, we started to gather all the photos that we had taken of every crazy thing my daughter had ever done with her best friend. I was surprised at just how many photographs we had of their story. This week I am celebrating life and taking lots of photographs of whatever moves me. 

For this week’s Personal Project, I took out my camera’s manual, re-learned my camera, and actually looked up things I didn’t know how to do. I also started working on what my new daily schedule would look like with no more carpools, school events, and debate practices. Looks like  I am pretty wide open. Give me a holler if you want to shoot...