Just Shoot!

“I’m a photoholic! I love photography. I love taking photographs. I love looking at photographs, and, some of my best friends are photographers.”  

~ Arthur Meyerson

This past week I joined fellow photographers of the Tampa Modeling Photography Association (TaMPA) at the Annual Halloween Photoshoot in Ybor City. I have to say, the models went all out with their hair, makeup, and costumes.  

For the those of you who aren't familiar with how meet-ups work, they are essentially groups of photographers and models of all levels that plan on-location practice shoots. With TaMPA, once on location, we divide into groups, and each group is assigned models.  It is up to each photographer to scout out the area and set up an on-location shoot.  After several hours of shooting, we meet back up, grab some food, and discuss the evening. These are great, hands-on exercises in working to capture images in unfamiliar settings.

To create the creepy mood of Halloween, I decided to play around with using colored gels on my Q-flashes.  I scouted out a white brick wall, and it turned out to be the perfect canvas. I tried different colors from warm yellows and reds to cool blues and greens, and I found that experimenting was the best way to visually see what I wanted in the final image.  Working with gels also helped change the effect of the light. 


If you have never tried an on-location shoot, I highly recommend getting out of the studio and challenging yourself to think on your feet and work with others. I find I learn just as much creating my own shot as I do watching my fellow photographers set up theirs. 

Happy Shooting *