Notebooks, Lists, & Jump Drives

After the writer's death, reading his journal is like receiving a long letter.

Jean Cocteau

Those of you who know me will know that I have a collection of notebooks and jump drives. I can't seem to pass up buying just one more whenever I see one that strikes my fancy. In fact, it’s been said I have a notebook for my notebook. I consider them my butterfly catchers.

Being a type-A personality, my brain is always going in a hundred different ways. My notebooks are a place where I can copy down my thoughts and act on them. When I started my journey with photography and being an empty nester, I took out a notebook and divided it into sections: Goals, Gear, Expenses, Learn, Blog, Travel, Tutorials to Watch, Business of Photography, Memberships, and Resources. This has become a place where I can jot down all of my thoughts as they pop up, then go back later and explore those ideas. 

My notebooks have been the single best piece of my journey, especially as I have joined forces with Tammy of Moments Captured Photography, Inc. to open a studio. Tammy and I both have studios set up in hour homes, and establishing a commercial studio is so much more work than I would have thought. My notebooks allow me to stay focused, keep a to-do list, and collect notes about the gear I discover and the ideas I have for the studio. 

What do you do to keep organized and keep your creativity flowing?

I really think I need the Wonder Woman jump drive I saw a few weeks ago...

I really think I need the Wonder Woman jump drive I saw a few weeks ago...