An Evening with Joe McNally

There is a vast difference between taking a picture and making a photograph.

Robert Heinecken

One of my photography idols is Joe McNally. His command of light is awe-inspiring. I have just about all of his books and have attended his seminars at PSW. When I heard that KelbyOne was sponsoring an evening with Joe McNally, I didn’t care what else was going on; I was going to be there. Linwood and I turned it into a date night. 

KelbyOne was shooting a new film and wanted a live audience, so you’ll be able to spend an evening with Joe as well. I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Here are some of my favorite quotations from Joe that evening:

“I strive to embrace the light.”

“The job of the photographer is to arrest the audience’s eye.”

“Be happy at the moment of exposure.”  

“Get to the level of the life that you are observing.” 

“Human gestures trump all.” 

“What is the story? Tell it photographically.” 

“We all need an editor in our lives.”

In true KelbyOne fashion, there were no inflated egos to contend with, just a conversation amongst friends. I came away with a little more confidence, in search of an editor and the determination to just do it!  Who inspires you in your photography?

RC Conception, Scott Kelby, me and the one and only Joe McNally!

RC Conception, Scott Kelby, me and the one and only Joe McNally!