Mentoring is always a great idea

We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.

Maya Angelou

I recently heard a fellow photographer say that the business of photography is only 20% photography, and the rest is all business. I thought it couldn’t be. 

Let’s just say I finally get it. It’s really hard work to open and run a photography studio. In addition to taking photographs, now there’s advertising, marketing, business accounts, and gear to worry about. On top of that, there’s the question of if the 80 hour weeks will breed success. 

Tammy and I decided to consult our friend and local photographer, Brenda Irizarry. We spent four hours having an in-depth Q & A with Brenda listening to what she has learned since she decided to pursue photography full time. We discussed everything from difficult clients to budgets for marketing. Not only did Tammy and I walk away feeling confident in our approach, we were also able to share our experiences and ideas thus far. I know we all hear that the market is saturated with photographers, but really, I think there is room for us all. You shouldn't be afraid to share your talents. Who knows you just might learn something in the process.

My alter ego...

My alter ego...