Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. 

It is not something physical.

~ Sophia Loren


Think about how many times you’ve been about to take someone’s photo when, suddenly, they screech, “No, I need to loose weight!”, “Wait, I don’t have any make up on!”, “ I’m not dressed for pictures!”, or the worst of them all, “I don’t like taking photos!” 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have probably used every excuse in the book not to be photographed. But how can we get our friends, family, and even clients to move past these feelings?

When my daughter was six months old, I took her into a studio for a portrait. The photographer wanted me to take a few shots with her. I was mortified and said “Oh, maybe next time, my hair’s not done and I haven't lost the baby weight.” I will never forget what she said to me next: “Twenty years from now, do you think your daughter will care about those things, or will she be happy to have an image of the two of you together?” She was so right. I went on that day to take the photos, and to this day that image of my daughter and I is one of my favorites. I try to remind myself of that day whenever I am tempted to forego a photo. 

In the studio, we love helping our clients to see their individual beauty. It’s what I love most about portrait photography, and it’s also part of the reason we like to have in-studio reveals. The moment we show the client their photos, their reaction is priceless.

I recently saw some of the images from the #nomakeupselfies campaign. What an awesome, empowering movement! Here's to being your own kind of beautiful!

Mother & daughter iPhone #Nomakeupselfie 

Mother & daughter iPhone #Nomakeupselfie