We all start somewhere. These are fellow photographers who I have learned a lot from and who I find inspirational. I only endorse companies and products that I have used personally and that I find beneficial in my life as a photographer. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. I am not sponsored by any of the following. I hope theses links help you, no matter where you are on your photography journey.

The view as I step outside of my daughters dorm.

The view as I step outside of my daughters dorm.

KelbyOne -  Best single investment I have made in becoming a better photographer. 

Erik Valind  - A true inspiration, awesome photographer, and nice guy. He's story and closing remarks at PSW13 are the reason I found the courage to take a leap of faith.  

Glyn Dewis  -  Gifted, humble and just a nice guy always willing to answer a question. He's classes are always inspiring.                                                              

Matt Klowskowski  -   One of the best Landscape photographers, gracious and gifted instructor.  First met MK at my very first Live Kelby Tour LR3. I finished that class with the confidence that I could learn lightroom. Taking his classes reminds me to never give up.                                                     

Craig McCormick - Emerging photographer, so talented and humble. One to watch. Proud to call him my friend.                                                                

Scott Kelby - The Man in everything photography! Give a pretty good concert to with his lovely wife Kalebra.                          

Bill Fortney  - Awe inspring photographer, spiritual and always a kind word to share.                               

Terrywhite.com -  Talented, expert in Adobe, great classes.  

Pete Collins - Awesome graphic artist & photoshop guy. Great sense of humor!                                                   

RC Conception  - Multi-Talented photographer, gifted instructor, awesome dad and all around nice guy.                             

Jay Maisel -  Accomplished photographer, with amazing images spanning a lifetime. Could listen to him all day long and funny to boot.                          

Joe McNally - Brilliant - has mastered the language of light and loves sharing his knowledge. Very gracious guy!

Frank Doorhof - Simple brilliant at creating an amazing images with things you would never image. Check out his latest book Mastering the Model Shoot: Everything a Photographer Needs to Know Before, During, and After the Shoot you won't be disappointed!

Peter Hurley - Awesome photographer brings out the personality of his subjects in his head shots.

Jasmine Star - Fabulous wedding photographer. Has a natural talent for capturing the beauty of the event.

Tamara Lackey - Adept child photographer. Has a natural rhythm working with children. Good instructor.                                  

Photoscoopstayintheloop - Great resources for Tampa based photographers.

Cassie Peech - Beautiful soul! Talented photographer specializing in wedding.

Moo Cards - Unique business cards. Creative product that is sure to please.

Brenda Irizarry - Awesome Lifestyle photographer out of Tampa, FL.

Spider Holster - Camera holster I just love it. So easy to use and takes weight off my back.

H + H Color Lab - My number one choice for printing.

Marathon Press - Great marketing materials and customer service.

Ona Bags - Unique upscale camera bags.

Kata Camera Bags - Absolutely love my Kata Backpack. Well thought out design there is a place for everything.

Nikon - My first love. 

Lowepro Camera Bags - Great quality and compact roller bags. Have two love them both.

Wacom - Intous5 Pro, second best investment in my photography. A little learning curve but once you get use to using it you will wonder how you ever did with out it.

Square Space - Awesome Website builder, easy to use, great price and endless resources.

Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom - For me these programs help me enhance the magic of my images.

Tether Tools - In studio shooting this is the way to go. CamRanger releases you from cables.

Lastolite Reflectors - Learned about these from a Joe McNally class. Love them easy to use even without an assistant.

Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries - Best rechargeable batteries.

LaCross BC 1000 Battery Charger - Nice charger for good price. Charges quickly.

On One Software - Still learning to navigate this program but so far I am really impressed.

Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops - Great product line and awesome customer service.

Southeastern Camera Store - My go to store when I am in Raleigh, NC.

 Electric Avenue Store - Go to store when I am in Miami, FL.

 B & H Camera Store - The everything Photography superstore!

 Pocket Wizards - Hands down best triggers I have used always reliable and easy to use. 

 Adoroma Camera Store - Another everything Photography Store.

 PSW13 Crew - Check out my multi talented friends:

 Kirk Washington - Photographer 

 Beth Gilmore - Graphic Designer & Photographer

 Alex Sous - Graphic Designer & Photographer

 Robert Martinez - Photographer out of Miami, FL

 Max Sweet - Graphic Designer & Photographer

 James Davidson - Photographer

 Amber DeKay - Photographer

 Robert Vanelli - Last but certainly not least! Photographer & the go to man at PSW. You must get a picture with him before you leave or you haven't really experienced the full PSW. Proud to call him a friend.